Local gastronomy

Let go! Come, discover and taste the magic of flavours and aromas of the local cuisine of our beautiful Istria.

Local gastronomy

Local gastronomy

With a taste of the sea... and a taste of the land… we will reveal to you the array of Istrian delicacies - fish, shellfish, crabs from our sweet sea, autochthonous Istrian cattle meat, that go well with our homemade pasta, gnocchi, fuži ...

The status symbol of the Istrian cuisine, the famous Istrian prosciutto, will be a delight for your palate. Dip the crust of warm homemade bread in our olive oil made from locally grown olives.

You simply can't get around and miss our widely known truffles, the famous white ones as well as black. All this blends well with exquisite wines, both red and white.

Upon enjoying all the delicacies that can be found in our restaurants, you should complete your  experience with Istrian grape brandies made with mistletoe (biska), rue (ruda), honey (medica) or a unique Rovinj liqueur - pelinkovac, which can be found only in this region.

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