House rules Val Saline Camping

Dear guests, by entering this camping you agree to abide by these house rules. 


a) Upon arrival to the camp, guests must supply valid ID cards or passports for each individual at the reception barrier for the purposes of registration. They will be given a numbered registration paper and a vehicle pass which allows entry and exit from the complex and which must be presented on request by any authorised Val Saline employee. Please check the accuracy of the registration paper, number of persons registered and the licence plate number on the vehicle pass. The port is only for motor or sail boats up to 5 m. All motor or sail boats must be registered at the reception. In order to register, please supply the boat documents.

b) Camping equipment should be set up within the unit, which is numbered and marked. On one unit is allowed mobile camping equipment (caravan/tent, children's tent not bigger than 3x2m) as well as parking of 1 car. It is not allowed to fence off the area or in any other way change the sourroundings, destroy plants, trees as well as the state of appliances, equipment and buildings. Power outlets on units are to be used only for lowcapacity appliances. The responsibility for the power connection and correct functioning of appliances in the caravan and cables shall be borne by the guest. The unit number must be entered in the registration paper as soon as possible, not longer than 2 hours after entry in the camping, reported at the barrier reception. 

c) A subsequent move to another unit may be made with notification of the reception and presentation of the registration paper. Changing of the pitch is allowed only with prior approval by the reception staff.

d) In case that the accommodation (pitch, camping place, mobile home) was reserved in advance, the access is allowed from 2 p.m. on. Units in camping can be reserved for a minimum stay of 3 days. Upon your arrival to the camping , the reception staff will show you your accommodation unit. The reception cannot guarantee, but will do all it can to fulfill the wishes of all guests, in accordance with the possibilities and availability. Guests with a reservation for pitch/camping place or mobile homes must adhere to the period of reservation. In the event of late arrival or premature departure, the guest shall pay for the entire reserved period. Guests wishing to extend their stay must confirm this at the reception min 1 day before the announced departure day. Upon arrival we request that guests compare the inventory of the mobile home unit against the inventory list and report any shortcomings to the reception the same day. Any damage or loss of inventory is charged according to the price list, payable before departure. Repair and replacement may be carried out only by authorised camping employees.


a) Afternoon rest from 1 pm to 3 pm, and night rest from 12 pm to 7 am. Val Saline reserves the right to shorten the night rest for special events. In order to ensure peace and quiet we ask guests to use motorbikes and other vehicles as little as possible. Traffic rules need to be observed in the camping. The highest allowed speed for all vehicles is 10km/h.

b) Minors (under the age of 18) may be accommodated only in the company of their parents, guardians or legally authorised persons who will take responsibility for their behaviour and who must ensure that their activities are in no way detrimental to the rest, peace and security of other guests. Children must be accompanied by an adult when using sanitary facilities and must be supervised when bathing in the sea.

c) The management reserves the right to terminate the stay of any guest in the camping whose behaviour disturbs the peace and harmony of other guests and who does not comply with the house rules. All those persons who disturb peace and order in the camping under the influence of alcohol will be removed from it. This particularly applies to minors under the influence of alcohol who, in the event of disturbing the peace and order of the camping, will be removed together with their responsible adult (parent, guardian or legally authorised person).


a) The management cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused to persons or items, such as theft, breakage, force majeure, emotional anguish or other causes that are not the result of negligence on the part of Val Saline's employees.  We ask guests to look after their property and take all measures to safeguard it. For a fee, a safe-box is available at the reception for safekeeping of money and other valuables.

b) We ask guests to leave other people's lost property in the reception. Forgotten items are kept at the reception. Val Saline has no obligation to forward such items to guests' home address.

c) Guests can collect information and post from the reception.

4) VISITS TO FRIENDS - Visits to friends in the camping are allowed only on foot. Visitors must leave a valid personal document which will be returned to them upon leaving the camping. An entry fee will be charged for a stay longer than 1 hour.  

5) PAYMENT - In peak season, bills can be settled from 8 am till 2 pm and 3 pm till 21 pm. Working hours out-of-season are displayed on the door of the reception. To avoid any delays on the day of departure, guests are advised to settle their bill on the previous day. Please bring the registration paper with you when you come to settle your bill. Payment may be made in cash, with a Maestro card and with Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Between the day of payment and day of departure please present your paid bill on entry and exit from the camping. Guests booking through agencies must have their services bill made up before departure.


a) Camping plots must be vacated by 1 pm and the vehicle is to leave the camping. Failure to do so will incur fees for an additional day.  Upon departure, guests are asked to leave their pitch clean and tidy.

b) Mobile homes must be vacated by 10:00, and vehicles are to leave the camping. Keys must be returned at the reception. Failure to do so will incur fees for an additional night's stay.

c) Guests leaving before 7 am must leave their vehicle before midnight the previous night in the parking area in front of the camping.


a) Animals are not permitted in any part of the camping or the harbour

b) Bringing in unregistered persons, vehicles and boats. Any person found to be in the camping unregistered shall pay a fine according to the decision and must immediately leave the camping. The management may cancel the stay without refund of previously paid funds for the persons found accommodating the unregistered person.

c) Operation of television, any musical equipment or other devices at an excessive volume, producing noise which disturbs the peace of other guests and the camping as a whole.

d) Use of vehicles at night-time, except by official persons.

e) Parking of all types of vehicles and bicycles on roads, unoccupied camping plots, marked grass surfaces, next to trees or in places other than those designated.

f) Washing of cars, boats etc. in places other than those designated.

g) Use of firecrackers, fireworks and similar explosive devices and making an open fire in the camping or on the coast.

h) Removal of inventory from mobile homes, restaurants and other facilities within the camping.

i) “Reserving” deck chairs with towels.

j) Entering bathing areas with motor boats, windsurfing boards and yachts. Surfing is permitted only outside the designated bathing areas and entry and exit of surfers is permitted only through the designated point. Surfing and windsurfing boards must be stored in the designated areas. Sports equipment (small inflatable boats, kayaks, etc.) must not be placed in public areas of the campsite but only on the plot, otherwise they will be removed.

k) Diving using scuba equipment and any type of fishing in the camping.

l) Disturbing the peace and order in the camping.

8) We kindly ask guests to comply with the swimming pool rules and regulations when using the pool complex.

9) For not complying with this house rules, the Management reserves the right to charge fines.

10) For all occurrences and irregularities which are not covered by these house rules, decisions of the Camping management implemented by Camping management authorised employees will be binding.