• Wich credits card are accepted?

Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

  •   Can I pay in kuna, euro or with credit card or debit card ?

Yes, we accept kuna, euro, credit card and debit card.

  •   Check  in – Check out

• Can I enter the campsite during the night on arrival day?

It is not possible to enter the campsite during the night rest. If your arrive between 24.00 and 7 am,  for the first night you will be able to stay in the parking lot located next to the reception area at the campsite entrance. Guests who have booked a mobile home may enter without their vehicle.

• Until when may I stay in the camp/mobilhomes on the check out day?

Mobile homes must be vacated by 10 am, and vehicles are to leave the complex. Keys must be returned at the reception. Failure to do so will incur fees for an additional night's stay.

Camping plots must be vacated by 1 pm and the vehicle is to leave the complex. Failure to do so will incur fees for an additional day.

  • How much is the entrance to the camping?

Daily visitors are required to pay an entrance fee. The amount depends on the period of their visit.

  •   ATM Machines

The ATM machines are located at the reception and at the market Saline.

  •   Where can I buy bus tickets?

You can buy them directly on a bus.

  •   Is there some organised animation program?

Yes, there are activities organized on daily basis. Weekly schedule is available at the notice bord at the site.

  •   Is it possible to rent a bicycle at the camping site?

Yes, You can rent bicycles for adults and children at the reception.

  •   Is there an Internet point?

Yes, there is an Internet point  at the reception. In camp there is free Wi-Fi connection.

  •   Are there organized excursions?

Vou can get informations obout excursions at the reception. It is also possible to book the excursions.

  •   Is there an exchange office at the reception?

Yes, there is an exchange office at the reception. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at the official exchange rate.

  •   Is it possible to rent a safe at the reception?

It is possible to rent a safe at the campsite’s reception in accordance with the current price list.

  • Is it possible to call a taxi?

Please contact the main reception for taxi services.

  •   Where can I buy postcard and post stamps?

Postcard and postage stamps can be bought at the Shop Val Saline.

  •   Where are located the letter boxes?

Letter boxes are located at reception.

  •   Are sun beds and umbrellas on the beac/pool included in price?

Yes, the deck chairs and beach umbrellas on the beach/pool are included in price.

  •   Are pets allowed in your camping?

No, the pets are not allowed in the camping.

  •   Is it possible to make reservation of a pitch?

Yes, it is possible to make reservation for a pitch. Non-refundable reservation fee: EUR 30,00. Through reservation the campsite reserves a pitch in area within the campsite, however, it is not possible to reserve a particular pitch number.

  • What does pitch occupied but uninhabited mean?

Pitch occupied but uninhabited means that the pitch is occupied, there is caravan or a tent on it but is uninhabited, the guests are absent for one or more nights for various reasons (excursion etc.).

  •   Is tapped water safe to drink?

Yes, tapped water is safe to drink.

  •    Is it possible to rent a refrigerator at your place?

Yes, small refrigerators are available for rent. Please ask at the reception.

  •   Are the sanitary blocks adapted for disabled persons?

Some sanitary blocks are adapted to meet the needs of disabled persons.

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