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Your new summer campsite in 2016
OPENING 27.05.2016.
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Pitch prices starting at EUR 11.00 per day


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Val Saline Camping... easy to find! We are looking forward to your arrival.

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Rovinj occupies a central position on the west coast of Istria, and is easily accessible from all directions - an hour's drive from Trieste, 2.5 hours from Zagreb or 6 hours from Munich.

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As the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea, Istria is a unique destination that just must be visited and experienced

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Val Saline Camping

The Val Saline campsite is unique in that it is located within a protected landscape area of Istria, where saltwater meets freshwater and where you can find a plant species that is an extremely rare international symbol of the clean sea - sea arrowgrass, which is also the trademark of the campsite: sea arrowgrass.

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Hidden in a picturesque bay of the same name, north of Rovinj, the Val Saline campsite stretches along 730 metres of a beautiful beach adapted to all ages, descending towards the sea in a terrace-like manner, offering pitches just a few steps from the sea, with a variety of recreational amenities for an active holiday, pool/lagoon filled with healing sea water from the Val Saline bay, sea water swimming pool for children and adults, as well as exquisite gastronomy - we provide all the amenities for a comfortable camping.

Val Saline Camping offers the following:

  • spacious pitches for campervans, caravans and tents, all of them with power connection, many with water and drainage connection
  • small harbour for boats of up to 5 metres in length with a slipway for putting boats in the water
  • 730 metres of a well-developed and well-equipped beach
  • sanitary facilities spread all over the campsite, easily accessible from all pitches
  • restaurants and bars
  • various shops and stores
  • numerous sports amenities and all-day entertainment programmes
  • attractive excursions by boat and bus
  • Pets are not allowed.

The sweetest pitches

You will enjoy the guaranteed comfort and the benefits of nature in the pleasant shade of our camping pitches situated along the clean Adriatic Sea and surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation.

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The pitches are located on the seashore and then gradually ascend toward the nearby fields and vineyards, a large number of pitches are located in the natural shade of the Mediterranean vegetation and all of them, with their size and equipment, ensure perfect comfort when camping.

Come and enjoy the sunset in the first row to the sea!


  • surface area 100 -140 m2
  • pitches for campervans, caravans and tents
  • distance from the sea 10 -150 m
  • large number of pitches are located right by the sea, others have a beautiful view of the sea
  • pitch can accommodate: 1 caravan/ tent and a children's tent 2m2 , 1 vehicle
  • power connection16A; each pitch has one power outlet marked with the same number
  • large number of pitches have water and drainage connection
  • landscaped, most of them fenced with a green fence
  • sanitary facilities spread throughout the campsite, equally distributed from the pitches

The campsite offers the following additional amenities:

  • various services at the reception: excursion sales, bike rental for children and adults, Internet corner, WiFi voucher sales (signal quality varies depending on the location and/or vicinity of the WiFi access point), washing machine and dryer token sales, fridge rental service at extra charge at the reception, depot rental service, ATM
  • small harbour for boats of up to 5 meters in length with a slipway for putting boats in the water
  • service for wastewater disposal from trailers and campers
  • wash point for cars, camping equipment and boats

Departure: Pitch must be vacated until 13.00 hours and guests must leave the campsite with their vehicle, otherwise they will be charged one more day. When vacated, the pitch must be neat and clean. The guests travelling before 7 a.m. are obliged to leave their vehicle in the parking lot in front of the campsite before midnight the previous day.

The sweetest beach

Nowhere else in the world will you find such sweet and clear sea. Come and enjoy the embrace of natural shade, fresh air and, most importantly, of the sweetest sea in the world!

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The Adriatic Sea surrounding our campsite is of a proven quality and the long beach stretching along the entire length of the campsite provides unlimited enjoyment of all its benefits, whether you want to relax while sunbathing or spend an activity-packed day on the beach.

A perfect pebble beach with abundant sunlight and a refreshing sea breeze is waiting for you. Your holiday starts right here!

You can expect the following:

  • 730 metre long well-developed pebble beach
  • excellent bathing water quality in the coastal area of Istria
  • exclusive use of the beach with free parasols and sun loungers
  • sea water swimming pool next to the beach, with a small children's pool
  • unique pool/lagoon with natural pebbles filled with the healing sea water from the Val Saline bay
  • open air children playgrounds (at various locations within the campsite)
  • water park at the sea
  • beach showers
  • lifeguards


Fresh ingredients coming from the sea or the hilly green interior are an integral part of the offer of our restaurants and bars, without neglecting the tastes of our guests from all over the world, they also offer numerous international dishes.

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Saline Restaurant

This attractive campsite’s restaurant delights with its view of the bay as well as with its offer that includes fresh local ingredients, Istrian fish and seafood delicacies and local produce, seasoned with olive oil made from olives grown in our campsite and served with exquisite wines.

The restaurant's daily offer includes fish and seafood specialties, meat specialties, various grilled meats, various types of pasta, rich offer of wood-fired pizza, cakes and pastries, refreshing cocktails , quality wines and beer from own production.

Beach Bar

Here you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the morning, during the day or in the evening, while relaxing in the terrace shade or under a parasol comfortably lying on a sun lounger by the pool/lagoon.

Located next to the natural pool/lagoon filled with the healing sea water from the Val Saline bay, it is an ideal place for relaxation with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or during the day while looking for refreshment, as well as in the evening when you want to relax after an activity-packed day in the Val Saline campsite. Beach Bar will provide you with a rich offer of food and drinks matching the quality of service, ambience, flavours, scents and experiences of our campsite.

Caffe bar

At the entrance to the campsite, next to the reception, we will welcome you with a warm offer of our coffee bar, a necessary stop for a good start of your day as well as its course, with fragrant coffee and fine pastries.

Located next to the reception at the entrance to the campsite, it is ideal for refreshment upon arrival as well as for morning relaxation and afternoon siestas. Caffe Bar's daily offer includes freshly baked croissants, homemade cakes and pastries, coffee, tea and hot drinks, refreshing drinks and cocktails, beer from own production and fruit and ice cream cups.

Sport & Fun

Although located in the heart of a protected nature area, with its carefully designed sports infrastructure the campsite offers plenty of possibilities for numerous sea and land activities.

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Spend an active summer holiday while enjoying your favourite sports and recreation. Our offer provides numerous opportunities for individual and team sports. You just have to choose.

There are numerous opportunities for being active and doing exercise:

  • 5-a-side football pitch with artificial turf
  • table tennis
  • bocce court
  • adventure golf - 9 holes
  • badminton
  • beach volleyball courts – 2 courts; entertainment team organises interesting weekly tournaments
  • outdoor fitness (7 pieces of fitness equipment in the shade above the Beach Bar)
  • water park at the sea
  • bike rental at the reception; bike path and route map can be found at the reception
  • riding at Haber Equestrian Centre in the vicinity of the Val Saline campsite, the centre can be easily reached by bike. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, with their thoroughbred and noble animals Haber Equestrian Centre will provide and organise: horseback walking for beginners, horseback walking on ponies and horses for children, riding school (for beginners and advanced riders), free range horseback riding or walking in the countryside for beginners under expert guidance, and other similar itineraries.


Start your day with gymnastics, aerobics, play football, dance along with the entertainment team, and then go windsurfing, cycling, jogging or play mini-golf. You can also dance to live music until late at night.

Entertainment for children and young people: open air children playgrounds (at various locations within the campsite), water park at the sea, evening programme for children: mini disco, games

Entertainment for adults: sports and recreational programmes: morning gymnastics, water gymnastics, aqua aerobics, dance school, sports tournaments: table tennis, bocce, football, beach volley, music nights with live music in restaurants and bars

You will enjoy the memories of your summer holiday all year round!

You can ask for a weekly entertainment programme at the campsite reception and/or take a look at the bulletin boards within the campsite. In pre- and post-season entertainment programmes are adjusted to the number of guests at the campsite. The programmes are held in Croatian, English, German and Italian language.


The Val Saline campsite is an excellent starting point for sightseeing tours all over the Istrian peninsula as well as other attractive destinations nearby.

We offer boat excursions which leave from the campsite's harbour:

  • Fish picnic - a day-long boat excursion which starts in the morning and ends late in the afternoon. Sail away with us for a day-long adventure and experience unforgettable moments, accompanied with the sun and the scent of the sea, experience the typical Mediterranean atmosphere; enjoy swimming, freshly grilled fish, good local wine and the sounds of the traditional Istrian songs.
  • Rovinj Panorama - a tour of the Rovinj archipelago whose 14 islands, 6 islets and the immediate coastal area form this town's landscape of unique beauty.
  • Sunset by Rovinj - embark upon a sentimental journey and enjoy the sunset over the Rovinj archipelago. The main stars of our excursion are the playful dolphins. Sometimes they just say hello, sometimes they leave us in anticipation... every encounter with them is a new and unique experience...

Buses for boat and continental excursions pick up the guests at the campsite. The rich excursion offer includes the following attractive sights and destinations: Brijuni Islands, ancient city of Pula, Istra-tour, Venice, excursions to the interior, such as visit to the Plitvice Lake National Park and many others.

Find out more at the reception, where our staff will be happy to introduce you to the itinerary of every excursion.


For a perfectly pleasant stay in the Val Saline campsite we made sure that you have a wide range of services at your disposal.

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Val Saline Camping offers the following services:

  • at the reception - excursion sales, bike rental for children and adults, Internet corner, WiFi voucher sales (signal quality varies depending on the location and/or vicinity of the WiFi access point), washing machine and dryer token sales, fridge rental service at extra charge, depot rental service, ATM
  • at the Saline store - fresh homemade bread and pastries from own production, fresh meat of superior quality from our own breeding, olive oil and premium and quality local wines, household products and toiletries
  • kiosk with fruit and vegetables – offers fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • newspaper offer - national and international press
  • shop with beach apparel, toys, souvenirs
  • car, boat and camping equipment wash point
  • harbour for sports boats of up to 5 metres in length with a slipway for putting boats in the water
  • bus line from the campsite to Rovinj (from mid-May to mid-September).

The bus stop is in front of the entrance to the campsite. You can find the timetable for the Val Saline-Rovinj route at the campsite reception


Rovinj occupies a central position on the west coast of Istria, and is easily accessible from all directions - an hour's drive from Trieste, 2.5 hours from Zagreb or 6 hours from Munich.

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In addition to the old town with its rich cultural and historical landmarks, Rovinj also boasts valuable natural attractions, such as the Golden Cape Park Forest, protected islands and a diverse coastline. These are the reasons why so many guests come back again and again to this popular tourist destination.

In the summer months, guests can enjoy a rich calendar of events. We would like to point out Rovinj Photodays, Summer Salsa Festival as well as traditional festivities such as the Night of St. Lawrence, Rovinj's Night and the Feast of St. Euphemia, the patron saint of Rovinj.

Rovinj has 134 sunny days a year, which makes it the third sunniest spot in the Adriatic, as well as the least cloudy one. The average yearly temperature in Rovinj is 13.5°C, 5 to 9°C in January, 22 to 25°C in August, with average sea temperature of 22°C in June, 24°C in July, 23°C in August and September. The climate is warm and moderately dry, with more than four months a year without wind.

Along with traditional occupations such as fishing, agriculture, wine growing and wine production, the local population now mostly lives off tourism, but in recent years olive growing and olive oil production has been on the rise. Olive oil production in Istria has a thousand year old history. Due to the particular properties of soil and climate, the Istrian territory is very suitable for growing olive trees. Today, Istria gives some of the best quality olive oils in the world. With special techniques and lots of love, Istrian olive oils gain perfect taste, fragrance and colour, which has been recognised by top connoisseurs around the world. Olive oil occupies one of the most important places in the Istrian cuisine, perfectly blending with fish and shellfish, salads, pasta, meat dishes and marinades.

Find out more about Rovinj from the Rovinj Guidebook that can be found at the reception.For more information about the town of Rovinj, its surroundings and the year round event calendar go to


As the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea, Istria is a unique destination that just must be visited and experienced

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Istria has had a long tradition and culture that has left behind many preserved archaeological, cultural and historical monuments of various ethnic groups and from different eras, some of which are under UNESCO’s patronage. The Roman Arena in Pula, Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, the old town of Rovinj or the Islands of Brijuni are only a small part of rich Istrian heritage….

There are vineyards, fields, olive groves, medieval forts, castles and towns and villages that intertwine with the traditional architecture that perfectly fits into its beautiful natural surroundings. Istria is famous for its cuisine, rich with traditional flavours reflecting the historical, geographic and climatic characteristics of the peninsula. The interior of Istria hides many taverns and wine cellars, where you can experience the authentic atmosphere and taste traditional local dishes paired with local wines such as Malvasia, Teran and Refošk or famous dessert wine - Muscat.

Olives have been grown in Istria from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Istrian olive oils are considered to be some of the best in the world, and they can be tasted in numerous oil mills and taverns across the peninsula. The climate is mild, Mediterranean, with warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. There is an average of 2.338 hours of sunshine a year and 10 hours of sunshine a day during the summer. The average air temperature during the coldest part of the year is 6°C and up to 30°C in the summer months.

The lowest sea temperatures are recorded in March, and the highest in August, reaching up to 25°C. Most beaches in Istria are rocky or pebble beaches, with sandy parts and lush Mediterranean vegetation all the way to the sea.